Effortlessly unleash your game on the world’s hottest platforms

Create great gameplay across all the major global platforms with Unity’s superbly efficient multiplatform publishing. With Unity’s powerful engine and tools, intuitive workflows and fast iteration, you have complete control to create and smoothly deploy a game on any screen.

Tools for a beautiful game on any platform

Cross-platform scripting

Keep your code working across all the platforms and many devices. For platform specific tweaks, do runtime platform checks, employ code preprocessors and integrate tightly with platform specific code and plugins.

Play, edit, tweak...

Press Play and instantly you are inside of your game, playing and previewing how it will look in its platform-specific final build. Alter values, assets, scripts and other properties, and instantly see the results. Step through each frame for precise animation physics and gameplay verification.

...try it with Unity Remote

With Unity Remote, you simply hit Play to view and test your game live on your target device from right inside the Unity Editor.

...and perfect

Catch and remove bottlenecks in your game, save time and improve performance with the Unity Profiler. The Profiler highlights the parts of your game that will have the biggest impact on performance. Profile your Desktop (PC, Mac and Linux), Web, iOS, Android and console games in the editor during development as well as when deployed on the target device.

Platform tweaks

Optimize assets for any screen: tweak platform-specific settings while importing assets for the best quality/compression ratio for your target hardware and format. Tailor your player settings, such as your game's orientation, icons, splash screen, and build size optimizations without touching any code.

A beautiful game on any hardware

Unity evolves with the latest mobile, desktop and console hardware so you can always count on smooth development and deployment of a game with full-throttle action, gorgeous graphics and solid performance on any device. We work with hardware manufacturers, and compatibility-test on equipment from cutting edge to ancient, to make sure your game will work on anything when you ship it.

AAA quality and performance

Create even vast scenes with tons of lights, special effects and shadows, and Unity’s powerful rendering and lightmapping options keep the performance smooth on any screen size. Bake and tweak occlusion data for fast performance of massive environments. Create your game with WYSIWYG prototyping, with shader emulation. Learn all about Unity’s tools to create games of superb quality and performance on any platform.

Press build and run

Publishing a build for any platform is near-seamless. When you are ready to publish, simply select a Platform. Press the build button, Save your game, and Unity builds it. Yep, it’s that simple.

Integrate it and take it social

Unity’s Social API provides a unified interface to different social back-ends, such as Xbox Live or Apple GameCenter, so that your game has access to social features, such as user profiles, friends lists, achievements and statistics and leaderboards.

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