"I thought it was wonderfully done and I would love to go to another one!"

Ajit - Youth Week - Castle Hill Library

"I thought the Game Training RoadShow Event was great. I enjoyed learning about how to make my own video game."

Jacob - Bathurst High School

"I would like to say that I definitely enjoyed the Roadshow to say the least. I have a career option to look foward to after attending the school session. Easily the best decision I have made."

Dean - Airds High School

"Was really great and showed me new things and how to make a game from scratch which was epic."

Justin - Airds High School

"Attended the Game Training RoadShow after being in the Game industry for a few years. This is a great way for young people from the age of 9+ to learn how to make their own games, and make a living from it..! Great Job!"

C.B. - Kempsey High School

"I really enjoyed the Roadshow. Over this workshop and the one from last year, I have learned a lot about the concept of coding, and gained valuable information on the use of Unity. The presentation was entertaining and covered much in a short time and if the opportunity to attend another presentation comes by, I will likely attend it also. Thanks, Stuart."

Stuart - Duval High School

"Thanks so much for coming to Duval to show us how to make video games it was AWESOME. The Roadshow was the best thing EVER I will have so much fun making games and selling them. "

T.F - year 7 - Duval High School

"When I booked the Game Training Roadshow for our school I was not sure what the reaction would be or how many girls would nominate to attend. We had 58 girls from year 7 to 11 attend the workshop and as soon as the demonstration started the girls were immediately motivated by the amazing games that Jeff was showing and starting to create. The skills gained from Jeff’s presentation enabled the girls to realize that creating games and writing code in a 3D world is fun and exciting. Jeff also made the students feel relaxed throughout the workshop with his patient and engaging presentation skills. The workshop was a fantastic and engaging experience and the girls were very excited about learning these new skills and there were many positive comments at the end of the workshop. I would definitely recommend the Game Training Roadshow to any school."

Mark Tyler - Loreto Normanhurst

"I'd just like to say that this game training workshop may easily be the best thing I have done, not only in high school, but my whole life. The things I had learnt and were told about overwhelmed me. I just fell into awe when you quite literally raised mountains from the terrain. The things that I have taken in from those two workshops will stay with me forever. I have only learnt HTML outside of school and now inspired to learn JavaScript. I cannot express my appreciation enough. And in essence, thank you."

Harry - year 8 - Warners Bay High School

"The Game Training RoadShow has been an absolute success at our College. Around 100 students participated in the event. This has promoted a Game Design culture where students have moved away from being simple consumers and have become creators of their own imaginative ideas. We have since started a Technology Club in which students collaboratively work on creating their own games. This has promoted other fields such as 3D Modelling and programming using Java and C#.

The skills students learn from Jeff enable them to realise how easy and fun programming is and provide instant positive reinforcement as they can see, play and share each other’s games. Anyone can do it, and some of the teachers who took part in the event are now creating 3D worlds of their own. We have also incorporated Game Design across our Information Technology curriculum and it ties in nicely with the new Digital Technologies syllabus which has a large focus on programming.

I would recommend the Game Training RoadShow to every school, both primary and secondary, interested in engaging students in programming, 3D design and Game Design."

Ricky Sinclair - IT/ICLT Academic Leader - Chisholm Catholic College

"Game Training may be one of the best things to happen to me. I was always wondering about my future and what I wanted to do for a job and Game Training has really given me something to think about. I was also trying to come up with money to buy things that I want and now I know that when I put something up on the web I can make money off of it. On the day that game training came to my school I couldn't wait to come home and give it a go. Game Training is really educational and has taught me a lot."

Jack - year 7 - Queanbeyan High School

"The roadshow was a fantastic success. Jeff's presentation was first rate and engaging. Everyone who attended was clearly captivated by the content and Jeff's friendly and supportive presentation style. This has been without doubt one of the best events of this kind that we have had at our college. Yesterday we had a lunchtime meeting to continue the learning and every student attended, this is a clear indication of the success of the event on Friday. Many of the students (and myself) went home on Friday and immediately downloaded the software and spent the weekend using the knowledge gained during the live event. We are publishing a short article on our College website to celebrate the success, it should be there for you to see by the end of the week. Once again thank you very much for such a successful and inspiring event."

Laban Toose, Assistant Principal - The Grange P-12 College

"Hey guys my name is Daniel and I attended a workshop yesterday at St Michael's College on the Gold Coast with Jeff as the presenter. With limited time he shone the light on Coding and Game Developing. So much in fact that it gave me the kick I needed to continue to learn coding. I'd like to personally thank Jeff and your team for everything you have done for me and the school kids at my school and I wish you'd come back next year!!!!! THANKS GUYS !!!!!!!"

Daniel - St Michael's College

"Hi Jeff, Thank you very much for coming to present the workshop for our boys. They thoroughly enjoyed it. They were still talking about it yesterday and looking forward to receiving the resources. The presentation was clear and detailed and, in such a short time, covered a lot of content. The presenter Jeff was also very patient in accommodating our boys’ questions. Some of our boys still hung around after the workshop and asked questions. It definitely created interest in making games in 3D. On the whole, it was a fantastic workshop and will definitely benefit our boys and myself. Thank you again. Regards Paul Ho Head of Information Technology Subjects"

Paul Ho - Head of Information Technology Subjects -


Anglican Church Grammar School

"Today was fantastic and I haven’t seen our students so excited over something in a long while. I spoke with several afterwards who were all desperate to get home and download Unity for themselves. Thank you for your presentation."

Steve Blackwell - Teacher - Yarra Hills Secondary College

"I attended a Game Training RoadShow Event today and I was completely inspired!! I am now seriously considering doing Software design and development as an elective next year!"

Jeremy - year 11 - Barker College

"I personally thought that your workshop today at Barker College was amazing. I sincerely thank you for coming and I hope you continue to do workshops at my school"

Ragul - year 11 - Barker College

"Thank you very much once again for hosting a live event at our school Game Training team! It was a fantastic opportunity for many kids to learn how easy it is for them to make their own games, and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many of our students (some of whom we usually have a lot of trouble engaging in the classroom) hanging off of your presenter's every word! The very next day I spoke to dozens of students who'd already tried out what they'd learnt, and so many of them were excited to talk to me about their experiences and how successful they'd been. I'm looking forward to playing around with Unity myself this weekend, and will be sure to keep in touch."

Luke Wilson - Teacher - Bayside Secondary College