The goal of the RoadShow is to motivate students toward software development. We turn their passion for video games into a passion for learning, writing code and creating commercial quality games.

Game Training is working to reverse the decline in student IT uptake by educating and motivating students. By tapping into a student's passion and motivation for video games we are able to teach them coding concepts way beyond their years.

The Game Training RoadShow is a fast-paced, educational and entertaining 2 hour incursion ideal for all students from years 4 to 12.

"I'd just like to say that this game training workshop may easily be the best thing I have done, not only in high school, but my whole life. The things I had learnt and were told about overwhelmed me. I just fell into awe when you quite literally raised mountains from the terrain. The things that I have taken in from those two workshops will stay with me forever. I have only learnt HTML outside of school and now inspired to learn JavaScript. I cannot express my appreciation enough. And in essence, thank you."

Harry - year 8 - Warners Bay High School

 At the Roadshow students will learn the fundamentals of creating a commercial quality game using high quality vehicles, roads and animated characters.

  • Create a huge 3D world with hills, water, sky, grass and trees which blow in the wind.
  • Import a First Person Controller or an animated character to walk around and explore the 3D world you have created.
  • Create a Need4Speed style road which winds through the Terrain, then import a car to drive around.
  • 5 challenges to complete and earn bonus resources.
  • We then move on to the most educational and fun part of the session - code writing!
  • Write simple artificial intelligence code and character animation code.
  • Move an object in any direction, make an object look at the player and chase the player.
  • Make an object move backwards as the player walks toward them.
  • Learn the 12 essential game development coding concepts needed to create games for all major platforms, mobile devices and games consoles.
  • All students receive an easy-to-follow workbook and video tutorials containing detailed instructions for all concepts covered during the session.
  • 12 months online support - ask questions, view support videos or submit your code or game for us to check.



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