There is no cost to your school and there are no cancelation fees. You can simply pencil in a date and guage student interest and proceed only if there is interest from your students.

If you would like to find out more about running a session at your school during 2017 please call 1300 88 55 07 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

"Today was fantastic and I haven’t seen our students so excited over something in a long while. I spoke with several afterwards who were all desperate to get home and download Unity for themselves. Thank you for your presentation."

Steve Blackwell - Teacher - Yarra Hills Secondary College


Booking a Game Training RoadShow Live Event for your school could not be easier. The team at Game Training are here to assist with every aspect of your RoadShow. We can help to find a suitable date & time, supply everything required on the day of your event and assist your students beyond the session. We endeavour to make your experience working with Game Training a memorable one.


Once your date has been reserved, we immediately send you a welcome pack containing everything needed to infom your students of the event:

Colour information sheets for your students to take home.

A customised permission note detailing the date and time of your RoadShow.

Eye-catching posters to put up around your school to help inform students of the RoadShow

An 8gb USB containing a professional video to play to your students, providing them with an idea of the quality of games they will be able to create after the session and sample newsletter and assembly announcements. 

We will then communicate leading up to the event date to discuss student numbers and interest in the session.


We arrive with everything needed to run the event including PA, microphone, laptop, projector and an 8 foot screen. All we need is a hall or theatre with chairs for the students.